Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Best Friend

Last Thursday night I received the one call I never wanted to receive “honey, I have been in a car accident”
Mike was fine, and no one was injured but his truck was significantly damaged and had he been a smaller vehicle we believe things would have been worse.

My adrenaline kicked in and I went into my “work” mode and called the insurance company/rental car company/tow truck.  I checked on my daughter at the grandparent’s house. Made sure my husband was OK and had him call his mother (very important).

It wasn’t until a day later that I realized what had happened and what I could have lost.  I clung close to him that night, needing just to feel him next to me afraid if I let go he wouldn’t be there.  My mind started to wander and I realized that I could have lost my best friend that night.

Mike is not a typical husband.  He is amazing with our daughter, he is patient and kind with her and no matter how he is feeling after a long day at work he comes home and spends time with her and me.  He constantly asks what he can do to help me out to give me time to re-group from a tough day and is constantly picking up the slack where I might lag behind due to running to appointments or spending 2 hours on the floor with a tantruming child. He is still charming and loving with me after all these years.

God knew what he was doing when he gave Mike to me.  Where I am tense and high strung he is calm and in control.  Where I lack logical thinking he thinks things through.  Where I am weak he is strong and I feel like we fit together perfectly.

I could have lost him.  I could have lost the one person that through all this therapeutic Parenting and issues with Little R keeps me grounded.  He has been the face of reason for me on days when I was ready to pull out my hair. He has been the voice of encouragement for me when I didn’t think I could go on another day.  The thought of losing him overwhelmed me and I wept, and I told him “I can’t do this without you”. To which he replied “you don’t have to I am right here.. I am not going anywhere”.   

I thank God that he was not injured and walked away and I thank God that we went though this expeience to help remind me of the special gift that he has given me in my husband.   


StephG said...

I just read this and it made me choke up! What a blessing to have such an amazing husband. I am so thankful he is safe!

Seamaiden said...

Whew!!!! So thankful Mike was ok - sorry it took me so long to catch up, Laura.

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